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I'm doing a game and needed an assist with the coloring. That's how Lerpist got created. It's very simple and very effective. It can create palettes of 32x32 which gives you 1024 colors. You can see more clicking here.

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This is really cool! I do a lot of pixel art and have never really used palettes like I should.
Thanks for this awesome program! :D

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This tool seems very handy! Have you published sources somewhere? I'd like to hack around PNG saving and maybe trimming saved palette.

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The code is extremely messy and all. I think it's easier to begin from start, really. But if you need I can upload the project somewhere.

Well I'd rather not start from scratch since this app was your idea. And Its absolutely brilliant! It would use some tweaks here and there but its easier to work on stuff like that on Github rather than bother the author of what could be changed ;) If you don't fell conformable with sharing the source I will not insist (you should see my Scheme code tho - that's a real mess ;) )

Well, I've never used GitHub before, so I'll try to put it in there and edit this comment if I succeed.

Feel free to ask If you have any questions, I'm happy to help :)

Sorry, I'm traveling so it's gonna take a while.

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