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I have an interpolated camera that follows a position3d, but I don't want either to move on the x axis. I would try setting the global x value to 0, but that doesn't seem possible.

asked Aug 13 in Engine by andersmmg (86 points)
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Show what you tried, because setting the x value to 0 is definitely possible.

I can set the x value just fine, but it is a child of the moving player. So the value changes based on the player position. This is why I want to change the global x value to 0, but that doesn't seem to be an option.

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Global position is set with global_position:

$Camera.global_position.x = 0
answered Aug 14 by kidscancode (10,848 points)
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I tried this, but it doesn't work.
Invalid get index 'global_position' (on base: 'Position3D').

You said "Position2D' in the question.

A Spatial node's location in 3D space is set via its transform.

global_transform.origin.x = 0

Thanks, that worked!

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