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I'm working on a menu based game. I am developing on a Retina MacBook Pro. When I add a label with text and run the project the label looks a little blurry as seen here. (you probably won't notice it's blurry without an hidpi screen).

If I enable the 'Allow Hidpi' setting the text shrinks to half the size as seen here.

If I turn on Stretch mode = 2d the text looks good and crisp and is the correct size as seen here, but then the font scales up and down when the window size changes and I don't want that.

How do I allow hidpi so the text is crisp and keep it the original size without stretch mode being set to 2d?

asked Aug 6 in Engine by DarkAgeOutlaw (12 points)
retagged Aug 6 by DarkAgeOutlaw

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