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Hello! Real noobie here.

I'm in the process of using an AnimationPlayer to animate 200 separate MeshInstance's very specifically. All of my meshes are cubes, and each move uniquely in very specific ways which I am defining by hand. The problem is that I have to make 300 keys for each of the 200 meshes and this will be extremely time consuming. I'd like to find a faster way to get through it.

It would be very helpful if after positioning all the meshes I am able to key them all at once, but as far as I can tell this isn't possible. Alternatively I'd like to be able to use a hotkey to insert a key in a track rather than clicking.

Does anybody know if any of these ideas are possible to execute within Godot? Any comments are welcome. I'm completely clueless on how to effectively use this Engine.

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How specific and unique is this movement for each cube? Is it so unique that you really have to animate everything manually? Or is there a pattern of movement that can be created via scripting? The 'entropy' of your movement might determine whether some level of automatisation is possible or not. Also, keep in mind that since you want simple translation and rotation movement, you might as well use code to move the objects instead of the AnimationPlayer.

It's a very weird situation I know, but trust me when I say there's no way to code the animation efficiently. An AnimationPlayer is the fastest and cleanest way I have found to set it up. Coding the entire animation would be very verbose and hard to read/edit later.

I'm curious what benefits there are of writing out the entire animation in code instead of using an AnimationPlayer.

I'm really just trying to save time inserting keys without having to aim at and click tiny buttons on the screen.

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