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I'm apologize here, I'm very new to game development and programming. I'm working on the first game tutorial here, "Dodge the Creeps!": https://docs.godotengine.org/en/3.1/getting_started/step_by_step/your_first_game.html

When I try to "Load" the project's font via the Control Panel, Godot doesn't seem to recognize the .ttf file format. It only recognizes *.font, *.res, *.tres formats. Its only after I select "All Files" does it see the .ttf font file. I've also tried adding .otf font files to the folder but that obviously didn't work either.

I'm running Godot 3.1.1 on a Mac OSX 10.14.6.

Here are screen shots from my desktop for reference:

Any helpful suggestions/advice would be welcome.

Thank you.

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Sorry, it looks someone posted a similar question that was answered earlier:

How do you bring fonts into godot 3.0?

I also made a visual reference image for myself for the future. I thought it might be helpful for anyone else who's had the same problem too.

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The image (2nd link) that Chackokhan posted is the better-than-a-thousand words you need.
The bottom red balloon is where your .ttf file will load.

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