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I just made a simple test-game using a .dae file exported from Better Collada from Blender. I exported it to PC.

It says:

ERROR: initialize: Directional shadow framebuffer status invalid.
At: drivers/gles2/rasterizerscenegles2.cpp:3369

Would updating to Windows 10 help?

I used Windows Update and Intel Driver & Support Assistant to update everything.

Laptop specs:

TOSHIBA Satellite C670

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

Intel® Core™ i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz

Intel® HD Graphics

If you need more info, please ask! Thanks!

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Using Lubuntu OS fixes the problem! I burned Lubuntu to a USB drive and ran it from the USB drive. The arm looks normal, now! :). It was easy and didn't take too long to burn Lubuntu.

Here's the link to Lubuntu:

P.S. that's Lubuntu with an L. I'm not sure if other Ubuntu or other OSes fixes this as well.

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