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I have a 3x3 box game and I want to move the box to the empty place.
I use the walls of staticbody2d type boxes
The boxes I move are kinematicbody2d
But I have not found a suitable way to make this idea

Please help. Thank you

The code for the box that moves

extends KinematicBody2D

var vel = Vector2()
var speed = 1000
var xR = true
var xL = true
var yT = true
var yB = true

func _physics_process(delta):

if $CollisionL/Btn.pressed:
    if yT:
        translate(Vector2(0, -speed * delta))
    if yB:
        translate(Vector2(0, speed * delta))
    if xR:
        translate(Vector2(speed * delta, 0))
    if xL:
        translate(Vector2(-speed * delta, 0))
var a = move_and_collide(vel).collider.name

if a == "F2" || a == "F3" || a == "F4":
    yT = false
if a == "F6" || a == "F7" || a == "F8":
    xR = false
if a == "F10" || a == "F11" || a == "F12":
    yB = false
if a == "F13" || a == "F14" || a == "F15":
    xL = false


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Have you tried using rays?

My God!!!
You've resolved the issue at your suggestion
Thank you

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