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It will be a Gui In Godot To Make Desktop Apps or Android?? Like Business App?

I need a gui for godot to make button, combo box etc.. to program it also to make business desktop android Apps...

is it possible in a future??

Best regards, Lestroso

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The Godot editor itself is a game/app made using Godot so nothing is impossible here.

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Godot is quite flexible, in what you can do with it. You can make a GUI Android app using Godot, but I wouldn't recommend it. It is not what Godot is supposed to be used for. You are better off to use Android's libraries/tools to design an Android app. There are many open source libraries for android available for you to use with Android sdk, and you may need them for your app.

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Dear vgarg,

can you suggest me a tool easy with code lightweithg to program android, ios, windows phone ...etc with gui??open source??? Thanks a lot....Lestroso

@Fasasoftware, I don't have experience with any cross platform solution to publish apps for android, ios, etc. at same time. But I have heard of Apache Cordova which is free and open source solution for what you are trying to do. Give it a try. There is Adobe PhoneGap also (same as Apache Cordova).
If you have enough development time/resources, it might be worth it to just develop android/ios app separately with the official sdk/tools.

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Dear Vgarg, I thank you a lot in any way...Now I'm Looking For This Tool ..."ULTIMATE++" , can compile c++ crossplatform desktop, mac win linux android...but it's low level programming...thanks again...Lestroso...

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