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Hi all,

This may be a totally stupid question. But are there any plans to port the Godot editor to run on iPad OS?

I feel this may be a useful move. However it may not from a project or community perspective.

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It wouldn't be a surprise if Godot doesn't. Godot 4 is looking to use Vulkan which is supported on both Linux and Windows but Apple are using Metal. This page claims "Still, the lack of support on macOS made it unappealing. Having to write a Metal backend to support this OS is a lot of effort for a platform not used very much." So I'm not sure if Godot 4 will support anything of Apple's.

Something called MoltenVK seems to exist which would help. https://moltengl.com/moltenvk/

I mean there are things like Codea on ipad, however since godot is a full game engine I don't think it would port well.

That would be interesting for education.

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