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This has happened a few times and is honestly extremely annoying. I have a scene (That I save everytime I change something) and nodes inside of the scene are randomly disappearing. For example, I have a kinematicbody3d and a mesh with a skeleton inside of the scene. Everything was working fine, and I placed the scene inside of the world and everything was there like normal. I click play the project, and it gives me an error. "Node not found: ZombieDogMesh/AnimationPlayer". I think huh? When I went back into the scene, the entire freaking mesh is gone. Keep in mind, I did save the scene when the mesh was there. This isnt the first time its deleted stuff inside scenes before either. I have had around 95% of a scene just get deleted on two occasions. Does anyone know why this is?

asked Jun 28 in Engine by xXDMOGXx (15 points)

Is it a tool script by any chance?

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I have the same issue on " stable official", so I guess this is a real thing!

answered Aug 15 by Christian Baune (14 points)
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