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I have generated a procedural 3d terrain with the SurfaceTool and now I want to add collision to it. Before 3.1 I could use "createtrimeshcollision/createconvexcollision" to generate one but after 3.1 i get that "Method 'createtrimeshcollision' is not declared in the current class".

Do any of you know how I can generate a collision mesh to my procedural terrain using GDScript?

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These methods still exist for Meshinstance:

Does that help?

Thats how I'm using it. But gets the above error.

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I used MeshInstance.createtrimeshcollision(), jsut today, and it worked well:

var meshInst = MeshInstance.new()
.#adding vertices, uvs and stuff to SurfaceTool
meshInst.mesh = st.commit()

In this code the MeshInstance itself was created in code too, but you can use an existing MeshInstancetoo, of course

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