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Hi everyone, I have the problem that I mentioned in the title, basically:

I want to go from a point A to a point B using moveandcollide, for x just with the next lines on velocity is working fine:

velocity.x -= distanceToTravel * delta * speedLateral

I'm controling if I reach point B comparing the distanceTraveled, until here everything is right, but I want this move doing a basic parabola on y axis, the problem is that I don't know how to approach to implement it on velocity vector.. I've implemented it using basic parabola formula and setting the KinematicBody2D position.y and I can emulate it perfectly, but obviously I want it on velocity

Basic parabola: https://amsi.org.au/ESA_Senior_Years/imageSenior/2a_2.png
Parabola using python example: http://chris35wills.github.io/parabola_python/

Any idea about how can I make it?


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Just so I'm sure I'm completely understanding this, you want to accelerate until you've traveled half the distance and decelerate until you get to point B?

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