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I've been trying to learn godot by myself, recently I tried to connect a shader in a tile map to another node but I'm still having trouble. Anyway, I don't know what recent change has caused this, but now whenever I try to play my scene, the console spits out repeating errors and Godot crashes. Can someone tell me what it means?

The error reads: Can't use get_node() with absolute paths from outside the active scene tree.

imgur link

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Is strange, looks like the scene got corrupted for some reason (maybe a tool/plugin?), look at the scene file with a text editor to find references of that absolute path mentioned there.

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From what the Console says. You need to load the resource Your GDScript file locally instead of just using getnode(). Add gettree()

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Turns out that within my script-less tilemap was a tileset which had a script attached to it which didn't exist. Even trying to open this script from the inspector crashed Godot. Not sure how this happened, maybe a bug, but clearing the script field has made my scene run as normal again.

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