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I trying make in-game character generator.

One file with many (about 200) blendshapes in blender.
This file - 100 Mb after export to Godot.
For different characters this resource must bee local.
10 character on screen - 1Gb video-memory. Too much.
Without blend
shapes - 1 character 2,5 Mb.

I want applying blendshapes and get result MeshInstance without blendshapes.
Its possible?
I would like to have a dictionary with blendshapes values, set them (I can this) in a big mesh with blendshapes, and generate a small mesh without shapes, but looking exactly as big mesh, as a result.

I will also be grateful for any information on working with blendshape via code.
The only thing I found is how to set the value of this blend
$Mesh.set("blend_shapes/nameShapeHere", value)

Sorry for my english.

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