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Is there a way to call yield in c++? i tried to include both of GDScript.hpp and GDScriptFunctionState.hpp but it seems they both don't implement this method.

asked Jun 8, 2019 in Engine by soulldev (56 points)

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I tried utilizing yield() and it works just fine for me.

yield() should be included as a native part of c++, not any particular part of GDScript. I simply included the <thread> library in my cpp code and was able to use it.

Alternatively, I'm not sure which compiler you are using, but your settings might be wrong. I am using g++-7 on linux, thus requiring the thread library to do my build (-lpthread option). I can also cross-compile this properly for windows using mingw with the pthread lib for mingw installed.

What error message are you receiving when trying to use yield()?

answered Jun 8, 2019 by Chekr (22 points)
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