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Is there any way to alter the game's time scale? Engines like construct have this option out of the box, which makes a slowdown "bullet-time" sort of effect possible. I've considered dividing the speed of physics objects by a slow down factor, but that only affects the objects' movement and not other effects such as animations and particles. Keeping track of all these atributes and altering their speed individually seems like too big of a hassle, so I'm wondering if there's another more effective way to achieve this effect that I'm not aware of.

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> OS.set_time_scale(0.5)#slow down the game 2 times
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damn, do I feel dumb lol, thanks!

would there be a way to only alter it on specific game objects?

alter each component as you mentioned. maybe it's only way to apply on specific node

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in godot 3.0 use Engine.timescale = 2 to double speed or Engine.timescale = 0.5 for half speed.

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There is a formatting issue with this answer, and is not showing correctly (an underscore has been interpreted as a formatting character)

The actual property is:


How is this done in C#, Godot 3.1?

Edit: It was Godot.Engine.TimeScale = 1;

thanks, this works for me.

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