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I am new to game developing. I made the Godot step by step tutorial game and wanted to export it for android. After going through the whole export process (witch really was harder than i thought) i got an apk on my phone. First, i had a parsing error, but i managed to make it work and i could install the apk. But after starting the app, only the godot logo flashed up one time, then blackscreen. Already tried it on two phones and get the same error on both. Also made an entirely new project and tried to export it - same error.
Spend the half day triyng to fix the problem, now i hope someone of you can maybe help me.

If I should provide any more information, let me know what you need to help me.

Edit: i switched from GLES 3.0 to GLES 2.0 and now everything is fine :)

asked Jun 6 in Gossip by Felix (13 points)
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What phones you used to test your game? Also when u create project godot asks you what renderer you want to use for your game. OpenGL ES 3.0 or 2.0. If u checked 3.0 that might be why your games is not working, becasue your hardware may not support OpenGL ES 3.0.

Godot Rendere Screenshot

answered Jun 7 by BlumiDev (56 points)

thanks, changed to GLES 2.0 and now it works fine :)

was using sony xperia z3 compact and motorola moto g

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