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I recently moved from Unity to Godot, and I'm not sure exactly how to animate 3D objects. There are plenty of tutorials involving using Blender to animate, however I would like to edit animations within the editor. I think there must be some way to do this, considering the engine has an animation editing system for 2D, but I would really appreciate some help. I've been working in Godot for about a month now, but I've been using simple prototypes using CSG shapes and haven't really had need to animate anything until now.
Could anyone help?

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Animation system is the same for 2D and 3D, if you have done 2D examples these skills translate to 3D too. I'd only recommend using it for simple animations: an opening door, a rotating fan, etc. but for characters you'd need a dedicated tool, that's why you see tutorials with Blender.

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I also have 1 more question:
In Unity, there's a record button that makes it very easy to animate tracks, and I can't find this in Godot. Does Godot have such a feature and if so, where? Thanks in advance!

I dont have experience with Unity, but in Godot when you activate the animation dock you will see a KEY icon on the properties of your objects, clicking it will insert a key or add a track if there is not one already.

Yes, I'm aware of this, however is there a feature like this:
(skip to 2:53)
That can track changes and automatically create a KEY?
I know this is a minor feature, but it makes animating a LOT easier, especially for someone inexperienced.

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