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Godot version:
Master branch, commit a2cf1c3d049d0ca4de9d939550d1fb21c4d54297

OS/device including version:
Arch Linux. R9 270x with AMDGPU drivers, but I doubt it's relevent here.

Issue description:
Using the mesh from SurfaceTool.commit results in a segfault. It should take the mesh and use it.
When run from the console, I get the following backtrace:

Adding fullZone
handlecrash: Program crashed with signal 11
Dumping the backtrace. Please include this when reporting the bug on https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues
[1] /usr/lib/libc.so.6(+0x378b0) [0x7f3feb0578b0] (??:0)
[2] Reference::unreference() (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/./core/safe
[3] Ref::unref() (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/./core/reference.h:280 (discriminator 1))
[4] Ref::ref(Ref const&) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/./core/reference.h:75)
[5] Ref::operator=(Ref const&) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/./core/reference.h:155)
[6] MeshInstance2D::setmesh(Ref const&) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/scene/2d/meshinstance2d.cpp:61)
[7] MethodBind1<Ref const&>::ptrcall(Object*, void const**, void*) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/./core/method
bind.gen.inc:782 (discriminator 6))
[8] godot(godotmethodbindptrcall+0x48) [0x17f9f7d] (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/modules/gdnative/gdnative/gdnative.cpp:70)
[9] godot::MeshInstance2D::set
mesh(godot::Ref) (??:0)
[10] Chunk::remesh() (??:0)
[11] Chunk::update(double) (??:0)
[12] void godot::WrappedMethod<Chunk, void, double>::apply<0>(godot::Variant*, Chunk*, godot::Variant**, godot::Sequence<0>) (??:0)
[13] godot_variant godot::
method<Chunk, void, double>(void*, void*, void*, int, godotvariant) (??:0)
[14] NativeScriptInstance::call_multilevel(StringName const&, Variant const
, int) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/modules/gdnative/nativescript/nativescript.cpp:905)
[15] Node::
notification(int) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/scene/main/node.cpp:58)
[16] Node::notificationv(int, bool) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/./scene/main/node.h:46 (discriminator 14))
[17] CanvasItem::
notificationv(int, bool) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/./scene/2d/canvasitem.h:166 (discriminator 3))
[18] Node2D::
notificationv(int, bool) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/./scene/2d/node2d.h:38 (discriminator 3))
[19] MeshInstance2D::
notificationv(int, bool) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/scene/2d/meshinstance2d.h:37 (discriminator 3))
[20] Object::notification(int, bool) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/core/object.cpp:952)
[21] SceneTree::notifygrouppause(StringName const&, int) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/scene/main/scenetree.cpp:975)
[22] SceneTree::idle(float) (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/scene/main/scenetree.cpp:522 (discriminator 3))
[23] Main::iteration() (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/main/main.cpp:1919)
[24] OS
X11::run() (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/platform/x11/osx11.cpp:3034)
[25] godot(main+0xdc) [0x1387972] (/home/oakenbow/Dev/Lib/godot/platform/x11/godot
[26] /usr/lib/libc.so.6(__libcstartmain+0xf3) [0x7f3feb043ce3] (??:0)
[27] godot(_start+0x2e) [0x13877de] (??:?)
[1] 26193 abort (core dumped) godot

Steps to reproduce:
Code. fullZone is a lookuptable of Vector3s (omitted for brevity).
I've also tried without adding any idices. No dice there either.

I would've put this on Github, but I'm not completely sure that I'm not the one doing something wrong here.

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