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Hi, I'm new to GDscript and programming. Recently I was trying to do a text cloud which will slowly disappear. I created a scene which is a label node with a script attached to it.
The scene is spawned above the player whenever he "says" anything. Here goes the script:

 var alpha = 1

 func _process(delta):
        alpha -= 0.001

The text and font were set manually. The text isn't changing, but the word "text" is being printed. I tried to use this code with RichTextLabel, but the result is the same. Have I failed to find the right method? Is it possible at all? Do I have to create shaders for this? (I've already suffered a lot please don't make me do this)

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you can achieve by just using .modulate

var alpha = 1.0

func _process(delta):
    modulate.a -= 0.1 * delta
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