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I'd like to change material of CSGMesh in my game from within a script.

How can I do this from GDscript?

I have tscn with root of CSGMesh, and the Mesh property is a tres file.
I spawn this tscn multiple time and when I click on one of the tscn I want it to change material to premade Material and delete it when the click is released.
In the past I used Area(with MeshInstance named Mesh) for this and changed the material via:

extends Area
$Mesh.material_override = load("res://materials/lowpoly_half.material")

but the CSGMesh didn't seem to have the material_override property,
and if I'm using this:

extends CSGMesh
mesh.surface_set_material(1, load("res://materials/lowpoly_half.material"))

every instance of the tscn change it's material.

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