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Hey all,

Can someone point to what might be the best setup for light + shadow (performance wise for mobile) ?

I don't need to be high detailed shadows, just a good lit 3D scene with shadows.
I have like 50 simple units on screens and want to display their shadows on the floor (think crossy road style a bit).
I am using a fixed camera with orthogonal projection.

From the documentation Directional light should be used.... but not really for shadows ?

This is the most common type of light and represents a light source very far away (such as the sun). It is also the cheapest light to compute and should be used whenever possible (although it’s not the cheapest shadow-map to compute, but more on that later).

Playing with the settings as described here, did not improve my performance at all:

Shadowmap size for directional lights can be changed in Project Settings -> Rendering -> Quality:

In addition to the 3 standard type of lights available, can someone explain when and if the below setup should be used (for better performance):

  • Standalone world environment light
  • World Environment inside the camera property
  • Sky contribution in any of the previous 2.

PS: Using the profiler in Godot 3.x, is it possible to detect a performance drawback due to lighting / shadow ?

I hope my question is not too vague and someone can point me in the right "light" direction :-)

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