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I'm not sure if this is a bug. And honestly, with me, it most likely isn't since I'm learning new stuff all the time.

But, I have a SamplePlayer and have a fireball effect. I set my main volume using

And when my Polyphony is set to 1 (default), the audio is fine.

But, when I set Polyphony to around 5 or 20 (doesn't matter), the get_default_volume() still returns 0.25, but the audio is greatly increased.... Not sure why is there another method I'm missing?

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Maybe you are playing the sound multiple times simultaneously. Or it is, as you've stated out, a bug.

It's not intended behavior then right? Cause I am playing it once, but should I make a bug report then?

If you are sure that you are playing the sound only once, it would be great if you can submit a bug report on github.

Alrighty. Yeah, I checked for sure, it is. I will submit br ty

Ugh oh.. I just created a sample in a new project and it doesn't raise the volume. Must be my own project settings... crap lol

ROFL! You were right. I was playing it twice. There was a stupid play call hiding inside my _ready function! Haha, wow. (instancing a scene too)

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