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Hi I just received the following error:

res://Scripts/Game.gd:142 - Parse Error: Expected else after ternary if.

The respective code appears like this:

func saucer_destruction(pos):
    var s = expl_saucer.instance()
    var num = Controller.get_numSaucers() - 1

    if num <= 0 :

the "if num <= 0 :" is line 142 and failing with the error message above.

What am I doing wrong, this looks like a standard if statement to me.


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Make sure the whole script uses the same indentation (tabs or spaces, don't mix them) and that there are no special characters inserted as a result of copy-pasting (such as non-breaking spaces).

You can get this error by forgetting a parenthesis on a variable just above the if statement. It thinks that you are continuing the var line.

thanks @Gingerageous : that was my problem :)

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