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I'm create game in which i have create Area2D node for each stone. what i want is when i drag stone i don't to overlap with other stones.

My Node Tree Look like: BaseStone.tscn


My all stone are inherit from BaseStone.tscn

reference Image

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Sounds like you need collision. Use RigidBody2D or KinematicBody2D.

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I used KinematicBody2D body but still its overlapping. do i have make any changes ?


i have two object in one scene, but still this two object overlapping.
Any idea??

With KinematicBody2D you have to call move_and_slide or move_and_collide for the collision to work. Or you can just use RigidBody2D.

Thanks , i'm not calling move_and_slide thats why node get overlapped.

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What about the use of collision layers and masks?
You can set a layer for stones and remove the mask for stone layer.

It will work if you do not want to have any collision among stones.

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