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I'd like to use a GDScript as a configuration file at runtime. I know I can use load("path"), but could I maybe read the configuration file from the executable's current directory?

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If I recall, the configuration files for a game are created and modified under user://, which, in turn, is found in a directory under the user owned directory. For example, under Linux, it's usually $HOME/.local/share/godot/app_userdata/<game name>. So if you're going to use configuration files, it'll probably have to be from the user:// directory.

So there's no direct way to find the executable's current path?

AFAIK, you can't get the path to the location of the executable from within the game.

After digging a bit more into the documentation, maybe there's a way to do this.

The documentation on the functionality between the OS and the engine has something about this topic. The get_executable_path() function maybe able to get the current directory.

This ended up working very well for me, thank you!

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This problem was solved in a comment above by Eritan.

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