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Godot and Python version:
Using Godot 3.1 stable and Python 3.7.3 (Anaconda)

OS/device including version:
Windows 10 Pro N version 1803

Issue description:
Hi everyone, I'm trying to implement GodotAdmob module for Android but when I'm compiling for Android using SCons I always get this error:

[Initial build] [91mLinking Static Library [95m==> [93mmodules\libmodules.android.opt.armv7.neon.a[0m scons: *** [modules\libmodules.android.opt.armv7.neon.a] El nombre del archivo o la extensión es demasiado largo scons: building terminated because of errors.

I've been finding more issues like this and indeed I find it out some but all of them closed and resolved with a commit a year or few years ago. I also have enabled LongCmdLinesOnWin32 but the compilation get stuck always on same position. Also I move all the folders involved to C:// directory but worthless.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to command prompt on Windows, navigate to your Godot 3.1 stable folder and enter this instruction:

scons platform=android target=release android_arch=armv7

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1 Answer

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Well, the solution for me was generate the templates in a MacOS. I wasn't able to do it on Windows.

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