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I already know that i can use navpoly_add of Navigation2D, but how do I create a suitable NacigationPolygon?
I want something like this:

func get_simple_path(start : Vector2, end : Vector2, optimize : bool = true) :
var navigation_poly = NavigationPolygon.new()
var x = PoolVector2Array()
x.append(Vector2(0, 0))
x.append(Vector2(96, 0))
x.append(Vector2(96, 96))
x.append(Vector2(0, 96))
self.navpoly_add(navigation_poly, Transform2D(0, start))
return .get_simple_path(start, end, optimize)

So I want to add a NavigationPolygon as a square with a size of 96x96 at the start position, but that does not seem to work. Unfortunately, as far as I know, you can not output already created NavigationPolygons from Navigation2D to find my mistake.

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