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If I define an array as equal to another array, then any function I use on the second array, also affects the first one. Example:

var real_array = [1, 2, 3]

func ready():
var temp
array = realarray
print(real_array) ---> print [2, 3]

Now I found the duplicate() function while writing this and it makes me think that this might not be a bug after all, but it does seem like odd behavior since other types of variables don't function like this (at least the ones I've tested).

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I think this should be an issue on GitHub.

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The assignment only copies a reference to the original structure. This is also true for all objects and dictionaries and is by design. Use the duplicate() method to assign a duplicate of the array.


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Fair enough. Though I can't see why it would ever be useful. But yea had figured out duplicate() was an option.

This is quite common, also in other languages (i.e. JavaScript). Normally, copying complex data structures can take quite a bit of time (& sometimes memory) so the default behaviour for all complex datatypes is just assigning by reference.

Fair enough. Thanks for the info.

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