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After a couple hours of working on a game, I decided to test it by running the scene but when I do so the only think which appears is Godot's background though this doesn't happen when my script is empty. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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@Exos9, unless there are prophets among users of Godot you should not expect an answer to your problem soon.
Before helping you, the prophets should foresee your operating system, Godot version you use etc.. Also, what's there in your code need to be foretold for sure.

And seriously now, your question is much too general. No one knows whats on your computer. It's like asking the mechanic what went wrong when you parked your car and it does not start now.

Three possible things:
1) You created an infinite loop with your script so the scene doesn't appears to start
2) You ran in a C++ bug causing an infinite loop without crash
3) Something else
More information would be welcome :)

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No but have you tried some debugging?

Put a print("myFunc1()") at the start of every function, including _ready() etc then see the last function that shows up and you will have some idea where to begin. e.g. the last function to show up is probably where the problem is, and you can either put more print statements in or comment out code until it works.

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