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I want to accelerate a ball( RigidBody2D) when it touch a platform. I am using a signal to detect the collision and multiply the linear_velocity in the signal method.  
Is it a good practice ? The add_force() method make strange result for me.
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It would work I think, if it doesn't you can try to connect and disconnect everytime it collides to make the signal stop and resets.

You could also use apply_impulse.

void apply_impulse ( Vector2 offset, Vector2 impulse )

Applies a positioned impulse to the body (which will be affected by the body mass and shape). This is the equivalent of hitting a billiard ball with a cue: a force that is applied instantaneously. Both the impulse and the offset from the body origin are in global coordinates.

More details in the official docs:

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Thank you very much !!

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