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After running through a youtube video on how to set up the JDK etc with godot, I received this nasty little message in the export screen when trying to build the APK for my test app: Export templates for this platform are missing.

It directs me to an in engine downloader, which I'd assumed had the missing templates. After install, same message. Closed godot and re-opened, since I've seen it not take updates before. No change.

From searching online, I've seen several people with the same issue. Not suprisingly, the linux people find the source code and fix it themselves (which is novel, except I didn't see export templates in the github site.)

I saw one reddit post suggesting the use of an unofficial build site for godot.

Whether using the in engine download, the package on the site or the package from this unofficial site, godot still tells me there is no template for Android. Just to check, it also told me there was none for Windows 10 (which I thought was strange, since I'd been running it in debug mode.)

Where do I get these templates? If I must build them, where do I download them? Also, why do neither the package on the downloads page nor the in engine download work?


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I'm not sure what's happening here, but 3.0.6 export templates for android are here: https://downloads.tuxfamily.org/godotengine/3.0.6/
The website is providing templates for 3.1, which is the latest version.

I assume you are using Godot 3.0.6? Did you try with Godot 3.1?

Sorry, I am on Godotv3.1-stablemono_win64. The templates I'd referenced are from the 3.1 download page. I just tried the ones you shared, and it still tells me that for all platforms (linux, ios, windows, windows universal, android and even html5) there is no export template.

Ah, so you should use the templates matching your Godot version.
The templates with Mono are in a sub-folder: https://downloads.tuxfamily.org/godotengine/3.1/mono/
Although it's the same as the website... maybe there is a bug, or some misunderstanding at some stage?
Does that happen to you with the classic non-C# version?

I appreciate you offering suggestions. Turns out, the in app downloader installs this one only when you click on it. However, despite being installed, the engine doesn't recognize them.

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um, this might seem obvious in hindsight.

The main distro does not have the export templates. I've confirmed that just by having the problem.

The solution?

navigate to %appdata% and look for the godot and export templates folders. If you installed a package that does have the template, like the gentleman above said, godot won't use it from that folder.

So, copy and paste the android templates into the one for your distribution.

I can now build APKs....however, in my first attempt, my click event doesn't work....so, now to look at the code issues =/

thanks for taking an interest in the problem I was facing

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