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I have a cutout animation and an AnimationPlayer that animates the cutout. If I add a new element to the cutout, I have to go through every animation in the AnimationPlayer to make sure the new element doesn't do anything strange.

For example, if my character has a single attack animation where he pulls a hammer out of hammerspace then puts it away after the attack, I want the hammer to only be visible for that one animation. My current workflow requires me to painstakingly go through every single animation I have and add a visibility track to all of them to make sure the hammer stays invisible until it's needed, since nearly every animation could be interrupted mid animation by the player or by enemies.

Is there a way to just add a track to every animation instead of having to go through them one by one? This is further exacerbated by how the tab switches to the TextureRegion tab whenever I click on a sprite, which means I need another click to go back to the Animation tab in order to add the new track.

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I found a decent solution to this problem. I made another AnimationPlayer with an animation in it that contains every relevant track in it set to default values. Then I just add an Animation Track to every animation with the "set to default" animation in it. Still annoying that I need to add this animation track to every animation I make, but it's way easier to add new things now without ruining my other animations.

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Actually, since there's no way to prioritize 2 conflicting tracks, this actually doesn't work too well. Oh well. It's ok for some things.

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