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I am currently using godot version 3.1 and I am wonder how to get my dialogue cutscene to start after the animation as finished player. BTW I followed the following tutorial for the dialogue:


My code is:

extends Sprite

# Get a reference to the AnimationPlayer, which is a child of the camera.
onready var anim = $AnimationPlayer

func _ready( ):
    # Connects the AnimationPlayer with the signal "animation_finished" to the camera 
 ('self' here)
     anim.connect("animation_finished", self, "_on_AnimationPlayer_animation_finished")

func _on_AnimationPlayer_animation_finished():
    if anim == "prison-guard":

Any help appreciated and thanks in advance

asked Mar 24, 2019 in Engine by Kyle J144 (32 points)
edited Mar 24, 2019 by Kyle J144

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