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How can I use a Export (NodePath) var to select via Inspector a Node external to the scene?

Longer Question:
I want to create a basic script to create a instance of a explosion every time the Health of a enemy reach zero. The explosion is a scene itself and I want to instantiate a different scene for different enemies.

So I though that a export variable could be useful for that, but it only let me choose a Node inside the actual scene, I cannot get a external scene or node.

There is a way to do that without need to hardcode the path for every script?

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I've found how to do that.
To link to another scene, I should use export (PackedScene) var, instead of export (NodePath) var.

Sorry for this post.

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At least you shared the answer with us. :P

Yes, this totally gave me the answer I needed. TY!

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