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Gut is a unit/integration test framework for Godot. Make tests for your gdscript in gdscript.


Upgrade Instructions

  • It is not required, but you should remove the existing Gut node for any scenes you have that use it and then re-add it and re-configure it.
  • For the command line, note that the log option in the .gutconfig.json file has changed to log_level for consistency.


  • 3.1 Compatible (with a few very minor issues, check them out here.)
  • Issue 73 You can now export your tests and run them in your exported game!
  • Issue 102 Added get_call_parameters which allows you to get the parameters sent to a call to a doubled method.
  • Issue 103 Added replace_node which allows you to replace a node in a scene with another node by specifying the node path.
  • A brand new GUI. It looks a lot like the old GUI but it is new. With the ability to export tests I wanted the GUI to be more mobile friendly.
  • -gprint_gutconfig_sample command line option will print you a full config file.


  • Issue 104 Added all missing settings to the gutconfig file.

    • For consistency the log option in the .gutconfig changed to log_level.
  • Improved logging. More warnings and errors have been added to help when something goes wrong inside Gut.
  • A lot of housekeeping and Boy Scouting.


  • You can no longer set the selected script when adding scripts one by one via add_script. * Deprecated the following methods:

    • end_test and the old gut.end_yielded_test. These no longer need to be called.
    • assert_get_set_methods was replaced with assert_accessors awhile ago. In this release I added deprecation messages for this method.
    • assert_extends has been replaced with assert_is to match the 3.0 names.
  • Stop button was removed. It didn't really work that well anyhow. I could be convinced to put it back.

* release notes: https://github.com/bitwes/Gut/releases/tag/v6.7.0
* repo: https://github.com/bitwes/Gut
* wiki: https://github.com/bitwes/Gut/wiki

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