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I think is a big bug.... I try to deploy for html5 but when i compile my game .... firefox says...: "GLctx is undefined"

If i compile for Mac Os X 10.13.6 ...the app don't start!!!!

I have don't tested for the other platforms.....

Can you fix these BIG Problems??? Thanks A lot...



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Safari may not support webassembly correctly and it won't support WebGL 2.
Be sure to export the project using WebGL 1 (GLES2 mode) and check if the system support webasembly trying to load the demo at https://webassembly.org/

If you can open the demo on the site and the project on GLES2 mode do not work, open an issue on github with as many details as you can about your system and the browser's console error output.

Ah, sorry, I have the browsers and system mentioned mixed up, still export on GLES2 mode for web and check the site anyway.

As for mac, check issues on the repository, there are some specific hardware that was showing problems, if you do not find a similar issue, open one about your problem, again add as many data as you can about your system and any error you can find.

For HTML5 Exports it is recommended to use the GLES2 Renderer. Read here:

You didn't state which renderer your project uses.

If the error persists then you should file a ticket here:

Make sure to provide all data requested in the issue template. This ideally also includes a minimal project which reproduces the error.

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