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I downloaded the latest Godot beta7 version and export my demo(OpenGL
3) to iOS device, the demo can launch, but going black screen always, this is the Xcode log out,

2019-02-25 13:24:13.765664+0800 wordswar[411:57012] [DYMTLInitPlatform] platform initialization successful

*********** main.m
running app main
after init super 0x16586310
******** screen size 2048, 1536
after init gles 0x16586310
******** adding observer for sound routing changes
******** adding observer for keyboard show/hide
glview is 0x16586310
Path: /var/containers/Bundle/Application/5738CEF0-26F7-411D-90B2-7814AE308730/wordswar.app
godotiphone /var/containers/Bundle/Application/5738CEF0-26F7-411D-90B2-7814AE308730/wordswar.app/wordswar
cwd /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/5738CEF0-26F7-411D-90B2-7814AE308730/wordswar.app
os created
setting data dir to /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/E15C8208-0156-4710-9AC6-B04C2C6E9E8C/Documents from /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/E15C8208-0156-4710-9AC6-B04C2C6E9E8C/Documents
setup 0
cadisaplylink: 1start animation!
******** screen size 2048, 1536
2019-02-25 13:24:14.562550+0800 wordswar[411:56919] +[CATransaction synchronize] called within transaction
2019-02-25 13:24:14.567752+0800 wordswar[411:56919] +[CATransaction synchronize] called within transaction
2019-02-25 13:24:14.587156+0800 wordswar[411:56919] +[CATransaction synchronize] called within transaction
2019-02-25 13:24:14.618940+0800 wordswar[411:56919] OpenGL ES 2.0 Renderer: PowerVR SGX 554
2019-02-25 13:24:14.852095+0800 wordswar[411:56919] [MC] System group container for systemgroup.com.apple.configurationprofiles path is /private/var/containers/Shared/SystemGroup/systemgroup.com.apple.configurationprofiles
2019-02-25 13:24:14.853250+0800 wordswar[411:56919] [MC] Reading from public effective user settings.
******** screen size 2048, 1536
2019-02-25 13:24:15.578021+0800 wordswar[411:56919] WARNING: Could not create framebuffer!!
2019-02-25 13:24:15.578100+0800 wordswar[411:56919] At: drivers/gles2/rasterizer
storagegles2.cpp:4259:rendertargetallocate() - Could not create framebuffer!!

I have test it as following:
osx: 10.14.4 beta
Xcode: 10.1
godot: 3.1 beta 7
godot template: 3.1 beta 7
iPad : 4gen, 10.3.3

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