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I need to be able to detect whether or not the mouse is over the game window or not.

getmouseposition() doesn't give the current mouse location when it's outside of the game window.

Is there a way to get the "real" mouse position of the user's monitor/OS?

Or at the very least, is there a way to detect whether the mouse has entered/left the game window?

Thank you.

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Yeah, same question here. It seems this can't be solved neither by


nor by


These functions don't return a value outside the window. Unfortunately the Docs don't say a word here, do they?

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you could do

var global_mouse_pos = OS.get_window_position() + get_global_mouse_position()

If you're making an OS-related app with Godot, you might need some OS api modules from C# or other languages via GDNative plugins. (Maybe too late for advice.)

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