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Hello! I've been building an rpg in Godot 3.0.6 using mostly open license sprites from Opengameart.

Because the sizes in the sprites can vary quite a bit, I've been scaling the sprites in the editor after importing. For example my player character is something like 32x32 pixels, but his animated sword is something like 200x600(ballpark guess), then scaled down several times to match the players size.

My big question is does this scaling affect gpu performance? And is this the best practice way to handle different sprite sizes in terms of flexibility when developing the game? Or is it better to edit the actual pngs to be the size desired in the game and avoid scaling as much as possible. In addition to performance, I'm also asking about unforeseen issues or added difficulty that it might cause with the Godot editor, such as breaking animations or making things more difficult to edit down the road.

The part two of this question is, I'm making my game from 32x32 pixel art, tiles, etc, as it is kind of a throw back to NES, SNES games. The end result of the game looks pretty small on normal desktop monitors. Is it practical to scale the entire viewport, say two or three times in order to display larger on the bigger screen devices? Or again, would it be better to blow all my sprites and tiles up to 64 or 128 and not mess with any scaling. I'm asking mostly about performance and not image quality. My game is made from pixel art and it still looks how I want it to even if a bit pixelated at a larger resolution!

Thanks in advance! I'm loving the passion and support coming from the Godot community =)

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