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So for quite a few occasions I was unable to grab the output since the print happened before the program ends, since I guess the output buffer was not flushed when exiting.

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The print output does not appear in the output tab in the editor?

Normally it does, but a few print()s right before quitting the program does not.

So weird... can i see the code?

This could demonstrate:

extends Control

func _ready():
    print("Can you see me?")

ok, i can confirme same behavior here, a workaround is:

func _ready():
    print("Can you see me?")

func _on_Timer_timeout():

the time delay is 0.1, is this a viable option for you?

Thanks for the tip. That feels like the print function is called in the future event loop, which may have been terminated by get_tree().quit() before running. I'll file a bug to discuss this with the team.

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