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When I work in 3D mode everything is ok. But when I enter 2D mode first of all sprites act strange, they move not with my cursor, but in some strange way. When I run project everything is fine. But the mist importent, at some moment interface crushes (it kinda zoomes in and becomes pixelated, also I can see only part of interface + when i click "close" / "save and close" nothing happens, so i need to close cmd window). I have project in 3D when I run it everything is fine and I can close it untill i start working in 2D. I have another 2D project and when I run it it's instantly broken. Godot 3.0.6 Windows7 x 64 3D mode2D mode

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can you share projects so we can try in our computers and see if it's godot installation problem, or your machine, or generalized bug?

Try the Steam version, I had a problem with the engine that disappeared when I changed to the Steam version

No it does not depends on project, any project in 2D.
Also maybe problem is in this error messages: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PcMnpP6KpGzpbr_uBbMcoNkEVLOE_BvC/view?usp=drivesdk
and here is video:

Btw, when I launch 2.1.x version everything is ok, and there are no error messages.

It does not help :/

Hi, i have no permissions to enter those google drive files. However, if you encounter this error with any 2d project, it may be a bug because i'm not experiencing nothing like that on my pc.. you should post it on github

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