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How good is the 2d mobile performance compared to libgdx and compared to Unity?

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I didn't compared Godot with other engines and real benchmarks, but my 2D game runs fairly well on Android, 60 fps in the menus. There are more frame drops than on PC ingame, so in average I would say it runs at 45 fps. But again, this was measured with my eyes :p

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I did not compare it with libgdx but there is a huge drop in mobile devices compared to Unity. In PC, I can say it runs smoothly, in WebGL it is so bad, in Android it drops under 60. if you use lights and shadows (in 2D) the situation is worse even.

My game is a simple tower defense, with vsync set to off, the result for PC is 650 fps and for android is around 50 fps.

The test was for version 2.1.3 that I made and looking forward for version 3 to test it again.

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so, how much you get?

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