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I am making a 3D game which can shoot arrow.

Originally I use RigidBody for the arrow but I found that the result is not good enough.
As you may know that arrow head is heavier so when you shoot a arrow, the arrow head will point to the ground during the arrow fly.

So any advice to implement a arrow?

Thank you!

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Have you tried using 2 bodies. One for the shaft and a heavier one for the Head?

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I did not know that the "head" would point down as it is seems to usually be corrected for by how the bow is configured. What will be good enough in your case? Will you calculate the wobble based on each arrows spine, center of mass and aerodynamics?
Or could you get away with using the tangent of the curve you decide is good enough in your case. Some related math over on gamedev.stackexchange.com

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