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I have problem exporting projects on my own android device: screen flickers like hell.
It seems related to screen buffer: scrolling content up and down, I can see some old ghost frames. It looks like .

As an example, think about a black background and a horizonal white line: moving the line up or down the screen displays 3 flickering white lines .

My device runs Mali-T880

Instead, exporting to Nox Player it works pretty well.

Isn't it weird? How can I solve it?

asked Nov 22, 2018 in Engine by burstina (44 points)

The issue

Symptoms look as some frames are not computed (not initialized, not redrawn), but still exist whitnin video buffer, thus displayed.

So I ended up solving this issue forcing nodes to update each frame, putting following code in main node:

  func _process(delta):
    for i in get_children():

It looks an engine bug to me.

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This has been an issue for me as well.

May I ask what is in your update() function?


answered Jun 21, 2019 by GodotUser (95 points)
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