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Hey, all I was wondering if it's possible to make a full pc Trading card game/ open world game in Godot engine? I was also wondering if its possible to make this card game I want to make without using gdscript but using gd Visual scripting instead? Lastly does anyone if anyone has any documentation on making a trading card game or open world or both in some video formats or maybe google docs?

I'm also on discord if anyone wants to text chat or screen share how they would g about it.
thanks for reading and keep DeVing

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GDscipt and visual script is extremely similar in functionality and structure. If there is something you can't do with visual script, then chances are you couldn't do it with GDscript either.

As for a Trading Card game, Godot is a good engine for one, it matches with the engine style
Open world, games is something Godot isn't too good at yet, it is missing a lot of basics like a LOD manager. But if you keep it simple you could get something working.

Making a computer Card game is no different from making one in the real world. Only instead of physical objects you will be using Digital.
Just Google "How to make a TCG" and follow the same steps.

You probably also want to work on the card game with some paper cut outs to prototype the basics.

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well for my card game artwork i use this https://store.steampowered.com/app/523600/Card_Creator/

i don't code yet but I do Draw a lot on of the time

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