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According to the Node.set_owner() documentation:

When saving a node (using SceneSaver) all the nodes it owns will be saved with it

Does SceneSaver exists or should we use the method the documentation explains to load and save games?

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Looks like SceneSaver is now ResourceSaver...

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After a few test, I found a way to save a node to scn

var scene = PackedScene.new()
var result = scene.pack(child)
if result == OK:
    ResourceSaver.save("res://path/name.scn", scene) // or user://...

I think this will save current node status to scn file,
and probably reconstruct all when load.

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Yes :)
This is what I used a while ago to generate a lot of sprite nodes out of a tilesheet.

Interesting. PackedScene documentation brings to other new resource to me: SceneState which shows when reading his members what's saved with he scene:

  • Nodes count
  • Node type, name, path by node index
  • Whether node is a placeholder and its instance
  • Nodes groups
  • Nodes properties
  • Nodes connections and signals (methods and flags)


and the "res://path/name.scn", scene) // or user:// is loaded when you load your game? or how does it works?

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SceneSaver seems no longer exists.
To load and save game, it's better to follow that instruction as you said.

I don't know what you really want for saving game,
you can also use File.get_var() / File.store_var() for loading and saving game data.

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