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I want to make puzzles etc.
i try this tutorial
but it is too difficult for me

tell me easy tutorial for simple puzzle

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Firstly, do you know how to use your game engine?

I don't know what exactly you're having trouble with in that tutorial, so I don't know what would be easier for you. I can suggest other tutorials, like this introductory series by KidsCanCode, but it's a shot in the dark.

I think you might want to try asking around here about the things you don't understand, and people can try to help you out.

thanks for comment.
i try easy tutorial for me.

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That...is a pretty broad question.
Puzzles can come in all shapes and sizes, so there is no way I can give you a tutorial on making a puzzle game that you specifically want.

Instead I suggest you learn how to use your game engine first (which I assume is Godot). Start with baby steps until you can run towards your dream game.

Kidscancode's video series should come in handy. Start with this one.

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I would suggest Youtube tutorials by Heartbeast and Gamesfromscratch.
They were of great help for me so far, at least when it comes to the basics.

Check them out here and here.

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This aren't for puzzles, but here you go:

  • HeartBeast
  • GDQuest
  • Fornclake
  • Gamefromscratch
  • UmaiPixel
  • XAND
  • Game Endeavor

I hope these help!

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