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When I start game, script work:

func _ready():
    $Play.connect('pressed', self, 'play');
    $Settings.connect('pressed', self, 'settings');
    $Exit.connect('pressed', self, 'exit');

func play():

func exit():

func settings():


var current_scene = null

func _ready():
        var root = get_tree().get_root()
        current_scene = root.get_child(root.get_child_count() -1)

func goto_scene(path):
    call_deferred("_deferred_goto_scene", path)

func _deferred_goto_scene(path):

    var s = ResourceLoader.load(path)

    current_scene = s.instance()



But when I change the 1.tscn to first scene, buttons not work.

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The buttons not work on pause.Sorry, it my fail

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