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What is a simple way to get an Area2D to follow the course of a Line2D?

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What do you mean by follow a line?
If you mean it should move like a vehicle on a road, that is what paths are for. The Godot step by steps touches on this.

If you want to make a complex shape like a Z then you need to use more than one collision box.
The reason is that the 3 Area2D objects will resolve collisions faster than a polygon shaped as a Z. In games lots of collision shapes are mixed to create a rough form; to save on math calculations.

If you want a very long collision box then splitting it into smaller ones is also better. A path that spawns the colliders would work for this.

Can you elaborate on what you are trying.

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I want to draw a line with a Line2D, and have a node follow the path of that Line2D

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